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Helping leaders to sustainably get
the best of themselves and their teams

Being a leader can be challenging at times; you need to get the best of yourself so that you deliver in the present moment whilst also thinking strategically and preparing for the future, doing so sustainably by looking after your own wellbeing. And you need to sustainably get the best of your team, something that might feel easier if their working style is similar to yours and more difficult if it isn’t.

Kingfisher Coaching’s mission is to help leaders to sustainably get the best of themselves and their teams and we call this Empowering True Strength. We do this through providing leadership development programmes, workshops, coaching (both online and in-person) in addition to writing, blogging, speaking/keynoting at conferences, and publishing a podcast.

Client Testimonials

Working with Ian has made a huge impact on Leadership Development for us. Not only have sessions had the highest attendance and most positive feedback than ever before, but we’re able to support our Managers with practical and timely sessions and content that’s fresh, engaging, tailored to our audience, and delivers on our learning and company objectives.

Ian makes it easy and fun to work together, is always happy to support outside of our work arrangements, such as providing content for our monthly manager newsletter, and his thoughtful interactions with our teams have sparked many positive leadership changes.

I just wanted to send a follow up to yesterday’s training session and thank you for such a great day. Previously we have had training and, while some of it was worthwhile and getting towards the goals or issues we wanted to explore, it didn’t quite get there. Yesterday not only got us feeling good and back in touch with each other (by virtue of a stranger bringing us into the same room and getting us to talk) but looking the positives in our work as well as how to address the negatives (not just focusing on what the negatives are). This might sound quite obvious and all in a day’s work for you but for us it was a new training experience and one that will hopefully give us real opportunity for growth.

Ian provided an amazing leadership programme for my teams – giving them confidence, self reflection and putting a bounce in their step. Ian has an ability to work with individuals and groups to reflect on their strengths and look at how they can leverage them. I loved seeing the video at the end – lots of smiles and it has brought the teams closer. Thanks Ian

I hired Ian for a strengthfinders teambuilding day. The session was great, really positive and informative. Ian was a great co-ordinator, really positive and created a very open and trusting environment which meant we got the most out of the day as a team. Ian had some great team insights and experience which we could use and benefit from. I would fully recommend Ian and the strengthfinder session.

The team loved Ian. He felt part of the team, could answer our process questions without being too theoretical, and we all felt it was incredibly valuable to have him coaching us to understand our strengths, possible areas of weakness to watch out for, and how to support each other in difficult situations. We even had time to film the most amazing elevator speech, which Ian superbly edited for communication to 3000 people, exceeding our expectations! We look forward to further work with Ian