What I blog & tweet about

What I blog and tweet about (and why), and what I don’t.

Business Model Innovation

A summary of an excellent workshop on Business Model Innovation – run by Corridor Connections at the Manchester Digital Development Agency on 12th July 2011

Bringing People and Projects together

This guest post looks how to work with a group of project managers to ensure that projects are well run.

The Lean Startup

Eric Ries gave an excellent Authors@Google presentation on his forthcoming book, The Lean Startup.

Are you following the unclear path?

Reflections on a talk by Tara Hunt on what it takes to be an entrepreneur and face the unclear path.

3 ways to coach yourself

Coaching can be a powerful tool and this post examines 3 ways in which we can coach ourselves.

The hunt for ROI

Return on Investment (ROI) is a debate that seems to crop up in every discipline where some act of faith is required to make an investment for an uncertain return and it is a current hot topic in Social Media.

Social Media for Events

Manchester Social Media Surgery

Some thoughts from the Manchester Social Media Surgery on using Social Media for Events – to both publicise the event and to capture the experience and share it with others.

Leading Change (Kotter) – Part 2

Change Programme Success

The ability to lead change is crucial, and this post looks at how to drive successful change according to Kotter’s ‘Leading Change’

Leading Change (Kotter) – Part 1

Change Programme Failure

The ability to lead change is crucial, and this post looks at why projects fail according to Kotter’s ‘Leading Change’

A Portfolio of ideas?

In the light of Seth Godin’s advice to “Poke the Box’ and implement our ideas, here are some musings about how we can treat our multitude of ideas like an investment portfolio.

Poke the Box

You can’t optimise your way to surprising growth and many industries face extinction as a consequence of stifling innovation; Poke the Box is a manifesto from Seth Godin which examines what we need to do.

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