Outputs from #cipdACE World Cafe session on ‘Reducing Stress and Supporting Mental Health at Work’

At this CIPD Annual Conference session on Thursday 8th November 2018, Nicky Ingham spoke about her own personal story of struggling with this, Ian Pettigrew spoke about the need to address organisational culture and help people be resilient and be there for them if they struggle, and David Hayden facilitated a world cafe discussion to capture the wisdom in the room about this topic. This blog post captures the discussions in the room.

Jennifer Hulme – True Strength Podcast – Episode 12

As part of my True Strength project, I’m featuring interviews that dig deep into how people succeed and I was delighted to interview Jennifer Hulme. The interview has lots of insights into how Jenn succeeds, about strengths, weaknesses, mindset, and resilience.

#HRD18 – HR’s Essential Role In The New World Of Work – Josh Bersin

Josh opened by saying that what HR are doing today is more important that it has ever been in the 25 years that he’s been working. 47% of today’s jobs will be gone in 10 years, 41% of the workforce participate in the gig economy, and most ‘new jobs’ created

#HRD18 Engaging Workforce Cultures – Kevin Ames – O.C. Tanner

We can’t ‘drive engagement’ and force people to engage, but we can influence greatness. Kevin opened with the story of Alex Scott, a young girl who was diagnosed with cancer and started a lemonade stand to raise money for the hospital looking after her. That inspired so many people that

#HRD18 – Getting their Mojo Back: Heathrow’s Journey to Becoming a Great Place to Work

Becky Ivers (People Director – Expansion, Heathrow) started by talking about ‘The magic of mojo’; about how Hetahrow is a complex area (the size of Reading, with a large number of employees and lots of external companies),. In 2010, employee engagement was at an all-time low, and had been through significant

#HRD18 – Putting OD at the Heart of HR – Lesley Swarbrick- Time Inc

We star with an interactive session, dividing into groups based on which of the following four topics we feel drawn to: Discuss what Organisation Development means to you HR practitioners shouldn’t do Organisational Development Organisation Development is best done by external experts Organisational Development and HR is a match made

#HRD18 – The Power of Onlyness – Unlocking Purpose and Wild Ideas – Nilofer Merchant – @nilofer

Nilofer Merchant opens her keynote with a very personal story of how her family demanded that she have an arranged marriage, and of rebelling against her family’s desire to put her in pre-defined boxes of ‘Islamic’ or ‘Indian’. We tend to put people into boxes, defining them as the intersection

The truth can set you free

Feedback is key to improvement for both people and teams, but seems to be an elusive commodity at times. My model of compassionate truth helps to make sense of what needs to be said.

Why playing to your strengths isn’t like competing in the decathlon or heptathlon

Helping people play to their strengths has been a major part of my work for over 10 years and – as a Gallup-certified strengths coach – I spend a lot of my time helping people work with their strengths (and their weaknesses!). In Learning & Development, strengths and weaknesses are

Reflections on Connecting HR Africa 2017

In September, a team of us went to Uganda for the 2nd ‘Connecting HR Africa’ trip, and I wanted to share an overview of what we did. The premise behind Connecting HR Africa is really simple: A team of people who do HR/L&D/people stuff spend 10 days in Uganda working with

Thinkers Tavern – #cipdace17

I’m at the Thinkers Tavern being held in Manchester on 8th November 2017, hosted by writer and broadcaster Matthew Sweet, discussing professional citizenship. On stage, we have a panel comprising: Katerina Rudiger, Chief Community Officer, CIPD Anna Kyprianou, Pro-Vice Chancellor and Executive Dean, Middlesex University Inji Duducu, People Director – Reward

A Fair and Inclusive Digital World that Works for Everyone – #CIPDACE17

My live blog of the opening keynote at CIPD Annual Conference 2017 by Baroness Martha Lane Fox – @marthalanefox Martha started her working life in a small strategy consulting company focused on media and telecoms, and witnessed the increasing impact of the internet as it emerged. One of Martha’s first

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