Cloud Busting (by Bev Holden)

cloud busting

Some of our thinking is helpful to us; some of our thinking can be destructive. Every thought comes pre-loaded with a feeling. What if we treated thoughts as if they were clouds?

Change – is it worth it?

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Despite an ever-increasing pace of change, we seem to be bad at delivering change and re-organisations often seem to focus on the things that aren’t broken, avoiding the fundamental problems. We need to get better at deciding what to change.

Helping leaders to flourish

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Many organisations are struggling with a leadership skills crisis and yet aren’t doing the right things to help leaders flourish. We need to create the right culture and then support leaders in the right way, recognising that there is not ‘one size fits all’ model of leadership.

Megatrends – CIPD Manchester/Acas event – March 2014

A storify of the CIPD Manchester/Acas Megatrends event – March 2014

HR 2020 – What HR needs to know about social media – Perry Timms at Megatrends

Perry Timms kicked off his session in his usual high-energy manner, talking about how we got involved in Twitter and started to connect with some really cool HR people on there. CIPD ACAS #megatrends 11-03-2014 – HR & Social Media 2020 from Perry Timms Perry looked back to 2008 and […]

HR in the headlines – Lucy Adams – BBC HR Director


Being introduced with a newspaper headline entitled ‘Lucy Adams has killed HR’, the interview with Lucy Adams commenced!   Lucy Adams introduced the session by saying that the experience was very difficult, and that keeping a sense of perspective was absolutely key to getting through this.   Lucy was then […]

The changing nature of work


Stuart Crabb, Director, Learning – Facebook Subtitled ‘The future of work is now’, Stuart opened by talking about how being social is nothing new, but talked about how fast the world is changing more quickly than ever before. He cited marshall mcluhan on how we shape our tools and then […]

The banking culture – Changing it and rebuilding trust


Kate Moughtin, HR Director, Barclays   Kate talked about her dislike for the buzzword ‘culture change’ and prefers to talk about it as doing things differently and refers to Barclays having a ‘moment’ which necessitated change.   Employee engagement scores were high, and Kate described how staff really care about […]

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