November 27, 2011 in My thoughts

Why ‘Kingfisher’ Coaching?

I found it quite a challenge to name my business. For some time, I’d had a working title in my mind of ‘Eudaimonia Coaching’, after an excellent lecture on the concept of Eudaimonia by Professor Charles Handy a few years ago. As a business name, it had lots of appeal to me as it is all about ‘human flourishing’ and being what you’re meant to be. It is one of those words that means a lot to me as it does encapsulate why I do what I do with people, teams, and organisations to help them be peak performers. And it is a word that makes me smile. On the downside, the idea of continually spelling out my email address or Twitter name wasn’t something I fancied! And, you need a bit of knowledge of Aristotelian ethics for it to make any sense.

So, it was back to the drawing board and I kept on bouncing possible business names around with my wife. Every name we came up with was naff! We were out walking our dog and still bouncing around naff business names when we spotted a Kingfisher. I love seeing the Kingfishers; they are absolutely beautiful birds and I feel really inspired every time I see them. After it flew off, we agreed that it would be really easy to come up with a business name after seeing the Kingfisher as we were both feeling inspired. And that was when it clicked; Kingfisher Coaching! A quick check for the URL and business name and we had the name!

Kingfishers are beautiful. People that only ever catch a glimpse of them talk about seeing that vivid electric blue colour, but they have a lot of orange that many people never see and there is so much more to them than meets the eye! They’re so well-designed that the shape of their beak has inspired the design of the Shinkansen Bullet Train in Japan. They’re not an ‘all-round’ bird, but they are beautifully and perfectly designed for what they do. My graphic designer was as excited as me and I’m delighted with my logo – which uses a scanned image of a Kingfisher, has Kingfisher orange as the main colour and that beautiful electric blue for the dot of the ‘i’. I love the name and I smile whenever I see the logo!



Kingfishers are beautiful, incredibly designed peak performers, inspiring, and not always how they appear at first glance. So are people. That’s why I do what I do and I love my business name and my logo.


 Image credit: Surfgirlly

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