September 26, 2011 in My thoughts

What I blog & tweet about

To set some context, Kingfisher Coaching (which is me) does three main things:
– Runs in-house courses and workshops for companies, of which the flagship is the 2-day ‘coaching for peak performance in yourself and others’
– Works with teams to help them become high-performing
– Provides 1:1 coaching (to a wide mix including  CEO’s, senior people, high-performers, poor performers, and a limited number of private clients)

So, my focus of blogging & tweeting is on subjects that support people, teams, and organisations to be peak performers:

– Coaching & Mentoring
– Positive Psychology
– Goals (setting them and achieving them)
– Resilience (how to survive and bounce back from the less-than-perfect times)
– Doing the right work (playing to strengths)
– Teamwork
– Innovation & Entrepreneurship
– Using time effectively
– Procrastination
– Helping others & being helped (through support networks)
– Making changes and making them stick
– Feedback as one of the keys to peak performance

However, I am a person as well as a business so I will tweet about other things (especially after 6pm & at weekends):

– Motorsport (I love F1 and motorbikes)
– Social Media (I’m a very social person and I really enjoy using social media)
– Really good stuff on TV (like Spooks, and definitely not like X Factor)
– Gadgets and technology
– My puppy (who takes a lot of my time, so sometimes gets tweeted about)
– Coffee (an obsession)
– I’m likely to tweet every time I see a Kingfisher as I find them inspiring (and inspired my business name)
– Awesome charities like Retrak (after I spent a month in Uganda last year and was privileged to go into the slums and talk to street kids)

I don’t think I’m a completely open book on Twitter, and there are some things that I tend to save for Facebook:

– My wife and step-kids
– My faith (I’m a Christian and a lay minister (Reader) in the Church of England)
– Football: As a passionate Liverpool supporter who lives in Manchester, there are times when I keep quiet!

So, that’s me.

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