I’m a big fan of having a manifesto, of having something that makes it really clear what you stand for. So, I’ve written mine. Publishing it feels like sharing something very private as this is an insight into what drives me, why I do what I do, and the values that are important to me. However, I’ve tested it with people I trust and the feedback included “This is absolutely you.” and “… you are practicing what you preach”, so I’m happy to share it:

Anybody who knows the Holstee Manifesto will guess at the source of my inspiration for the manifesto although I’ve deliberately not copied the style of theirs.



And I was interested to see the Good Citizen Manifesto from TEDxDubai:


It was over a Strategic Latte with Catherine Wilks from In Movement that we both decided to publish something that we’d both been thinking about for a while and you can read Catherine’s in her blog post, ‘Raising the game‘.


If you’re a fan of manifestos, have you written yours? You don’t have to write it down, but I do believe in the power of being really clear what it is you’re here to do and how you’re going to go about it. Then all you have to do is live it. 100%. Being really honest, the part of a mine that I struggle with most is to not work too hard. That’s a little hypocritical given the workshops I run on resilience, but I’m working on it!


  1. Hi Ian, great to read your manifesto. I’ve just started thinking about creating my own so it’s exciting to be inspired by yours. Thank you. Hannah Massarella: Co-Active coaching

    • Hi Hannah, I’m glad you found it useful and thanks for letting me know! Have fun creating yours and do let me know if you publish it as I’d be interested to see it. Thanks, Ian