July 18, 2012 in True Strength, Mindset, Events (live blogging)

Positive Psychology in Application

I recently attended a workshop on ‘Positive Psychology in Application’, and found many useful reminders on positive psychology. It is a wide topic, but the key points that resonated for me are:

– Positive psychology is not the same as positive thinking / looking on the bright side and is so much more. Also, we’re all allowed to have a bad day!
– The power of ending each day by reflecting on (and writing down) three good things from the day. I now do this almost every day and share them on Twitter with the #3GoodThings hashtag (as do many other people)
– How focusing on your strengths plays a major part in reaching ‘Authentic Happiness’. I’m a big fan of strengths-based approaches and they feature in a lot of my work.
– The role of ‘a third place’; not work or home (the first and second places), but somewhere else where you can be your best self. At the course, I was struggling along with a broken ankle and hadn’t been able to go to ‘Happy Valley’ (my usual location for walking my dog) for a number of weeks. I realised that this is very much my ‘third place’ and the venue for some of my best reflecting and thinking!


The slides from the event give a good summary:



There’s also a great post ‘Round-up of coverage from Positive Psychology in Application‘ by Martin Couzins.

If you want to know more about Positive Psychology as a topic, it would be worth reading some of Martin Seligman’s books. The workshop ‘Positive Psychology in Application’ is run by Sukhvinder Pabial (Twitter: @SukhPabial) of Challenging Frontiers.



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