June 7, 2019 in My thoughts

My personal reflections from Street Wisdom at #CelebratingPeople19

As a coach, I spend much of my time helping other people to pause and reflect but – ironically (or perhaps hypocritically) – I don’t do quite enough of that myself. So, I was delighted to book onto a Street Wisdom session  in York as part of #CelebratingPeople19 held on 6th June 2019 in York. I’d tweeted that I was really looking forward to a wander and a ponder, and that was I got. 

I’m not going to reveal the question I wanted answering, but here are my personal reflections from yesterday’s Street Wisdom:


– I’m holding back because I don’t know the route. However, I do know the final destination so I just need to start heading in the right direction and then I can figure out the precise route when I get a bit closer.

– There is huge need out there, and I definitely need to do this.

– I don’t like following ‘the wisdom of the crowd’ and things are a lot quieter off the beaten track. Also, there is learning to be found everywhere. 

– I’m really proud of the impact I make but I also want to be more like the stonemason, taking real pride in my craft and happy to work out loud and display the building blocks, as well as the finished work.

IMG 7149


IMG 7147


– Stories are powerful.

– I don’t always need to be moving and it is fine to slow down and enjoy an ice cream and the music.


IMG 7151


That’s it. A hugely helpful afternoon in York. Many thanks to the amazing Mark Gilroy, Kerry Smith, Phil Marsland, and Katrina Collier for the whole day yesterday. And many thanks to Mark Gilroy for being our skilful guide on street wisdom (and for the photo below), and to my fellow travellers. 


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