June 20, 2015 in True Strength, Mindset, Events (live blogging), CIPD NAP 2015

#cipdnap15 – The serious business of happiness for increasing engagement and maintaining a healthy organisation

Stephanie Davies, Founder and CEO, Laughology

Stephanie kicked off with a very lively introduction, talking about the need for humour, happiness, and laughter throughout our lives – including the workplace.

As human beings, we are motivated by how we feel. Humour, laughter, and happiness make a huge positive impact and laughter plays a huge role in that. Laughter is spontaneous, contagious and it is one of the oldest communication tools available to humans (as we’re born with the innate ability to laugh). Over the last few years, we seem to have become too serious; we think that being serious is what is required to make us appear credible. We are born with the ability to laugh, but we aren’t born with a sense of humour and that develops over time (well, in most people!).

Laughter makes us feel happy, energised, de-pressurised, awake, it wakes us up and makes us feel better. We’re more likely to learn things if we laugh whilst we learn. This means that we can consciously use humour to change our mindset.

The Humour toolkit = FLIP =

  • Focus – making a choose as to how we feel
  • Language – being intentional about the language we use to create the emotional context that we want.
  • Imagination – We have one, we just need to use it to create different feelings.
  • Pattern-breaking – if we change how we do some things (e.g. how we look at life, or talk or feel about things) then we change the way we feel

We can create happier workplaces by helping people develop confidence, and by personal development, through positive relationships, with support, and by equipping people with the coping skills they need to be resilient.

Some people bring happiness when they walk into a room, some people bring happiness when they leave. Choose which one you want to be.

(This was live-blogged during a session at the CIPD Northern Area Partnership Conference 2015 in York – #cipdnap15 – I’ve tried to capture a faithful summary of the highlights for me but my own bias, views – and the odd typo – might well creep in.)

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