November 9, 2014 in Events (live blogging), CIPD Annual Conference 2014

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The opening keynote: Rita Gunther McGrath, Are we all entrepreneurs now:  Ian Pettigrew  Gemma Reucroft Helen Tracey Tim Scott Phil Willcox  Julie Drybrough  Mike Morrison and another from Julie Drybrough


Being brilliant every day: developing high performance leaders  Gemma Reucroft  Phil Willcox  Amanda Arrowsmith  Julie Drybrough  Mike Morrison

Creating impact and additional revenue through HR  Tim Scott

Advancing the profession: how Civil Service HR is a role model for change  Ian Pettigrew


Reframing HR: changing the game of HR  Phil Willcox  Mike Morrison

Maintaining drive and enthusiasm during change and innovation in SMEs  Ian Pettigrew


Gaining greater impact by understanding behavioural science  Helen Amery  Mike Morrison

Learning to work: mentoring young people to build the future talent pipeline  Ian Pettigrew Tim Scott


Future of work: a new HR required for a new digital age  Mike Morrison

Managing strategic change while developing a passionate HR team  Helen Amery Tim Scott


Day 1 – overall Tim Scott  Kate Griffiths-Lambeth Amanda Arrowsmith & another from Amanda Arrowsmith Helen Tracey


The science of happiness : motivating and inspiring individuals, teams, and organisations  Gemma Reucroft  Mike Morrison

Advancing L&D to create the Learning Practitioners of the future  Phil Willcox  Julie Drybrough

Overcoming barriers to effective leadership throughout the organisation  Ian Pettigrew  Helen Amery

Megatrends: what does the changing economy mean for HR?  Damiana Casile


Leadership communication to engage and inspire your employees  Tim Scott

Tailoring the learning experience: how people data can help  Ian Pettigrew


Curing business complacency: creating ‘Hunger in Paradise’  Damiana Casile  Mike Morrison

Leaders in Learning: exploring new tools and skills in people development  Ian Pettigrew

Discussing the future challenges of UK’s labour market  Tim Scott


Applying neuroscience and behavioural science to L&D initiatives  Phil Willcox


Topic tasters/free sessions/other events:

Where did all the tribunals go? Amanda ArrowSmith

Introduction the HRBP development programme from CIPD training  Amanda Arrowsmith

Leading change by embedding best practice: a maturity model  Amanda Arrowsmith

Neuroscience in action: Julie Drybrough

Managing Cancer in the workplace: Damiana Casile 

HR Unscrambled: Doug Shaw & Meg Peppin

Street Wisdom: Helen Amery

MOOC launch:  Helen Amery  Gemma Reucroft



Closing keynote: Adam Grant: Give and Take  Helen Amery  Mike Morrison and another from Mike Morrison

Day 2 – overall – Tim Scott  Helen Tracey


Overall reflections/summaries:  Helen Tracey  Damiana Casile  Gemma Reucroft  Tim Scott and another from Gemma Reucroft  Rachel Burnham  Kate Griffiths-Lambeth  Helen Amery

And all of Simon Heath’s wonderful illustrations


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