December 1, 2015 in True Strength, My thoughts

Best of you, now.

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As I publish this, it is 1st December 2015 which means it is one month until loads of people focus on New Year, New You. If you’re thinking of doing this, I have two questions for you; (1) why wait a month rather than act now? (2) why do you want to be a new you when sustainable success comes from making the most of what you already are?

There is no shortage of advice telling you how to succeed and even more will appear on 1st January . Some of it is right for you, most of it isn’t. The only person that knows what will work for you is you and you might need to just try some things and see what works. So – rather than New Year, New You – I offer a few thoughts about things you can start right now:


  • If there’s something big that you want to accomplish, work on it for 20 minutes right now. And tomorrow, and the day after, and every day. By 1st Jan, you’ll already have new habit and already have made over 10 hours progress.
  • If you have some weaknesses that are holding you back, do whatever it takes to be just good enough at that so it doesn’t hold you back. Better still, find a way to make the weakness irrelevant, or leverage the strengths of those around you.
  • Write a list of your strengths and, rather than focusing on your weaknesses, look at ways you can further develop and apply your strengths.
  • Start saying no to some things to create the space to do the things that matter most.
  • Write a list of the reasons why you can’t succeed (i.e. excuses). For each excuse, identify two things you can do to remove it as an excuse.
  • Work harder.
  • Work less hard.
  • Go for a nice walk.
  • If you already know exactly what you need to do but you’re not sure it will work and you’re reading blog posts for validation and support… go and do a quick and dirty experiment to see if it will work because the only way you’ll find the answer is to try it and learn.
  • Get more sleep, get to bed earlier.
  • Get less sleep, get up earlier to work on your biggest opportunities.
  • Stop worrying about how much sleep you’re getting.
  • Stop looking for answers elsewhere. True strength comes from within.
  • Start writing a daily journal at the end of the day to reflect on what you’re most grateful for and where you could step up.
  • Find somebody to help you with your challenge and go and have a strategic latte with them. Support networks are powerful.


With wait until the new year? Why try to be a whole new you? I’m focusing on being the very best of me. Now.

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