June 25, 2011 in True Strength

Are you following the unclear path?

I’ve been very inspired by the TEDxConcordia talk by Tara Hunt (@missrogue on Twitter) who is a startup entrepreneur and CEO of Buyosphere.


If you can’t see the embedded video above, please click here to see it.


What comes across loud and clear is the cost of being a startup entrepreneur, and Tara Hunt makes it clear that you’re not an entrepreneur unless you’re ‘all-in’ and have staked everything. She talks with passion about how she is struggling, but is exhilarated and happy and how entrepreneurs have an unbreakable spirit.


Tara Hunt argues that entrepreneurs need these three qualities to survive:

  • Delusion
  • Desire to change the status quo
  • Audacity


Another aspect of entrepreneurship that comes across is ‘the unclear path’ – that entrepreneurs ask questions and let the answers take them to the end result – and this relates strongly to the concept of ‘The Pivot’ which I mention in my review of  ‘The Lean Startup‘.


If you can (and should) go all-in, then there is an extra level of motivation that comes from the obsessive focus on survival and the success of your business. But, even if you’re not all-in, my challenge is this: Is there an area of your life, even just one project, where you’re prepared to be a delusional, audacious dreamer? Why not go for it? Unlike those that are all-in, you have nothing to lose.


Here’s to the delusional, audacious dreamers who have the courage to go all-in; we really need them!

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