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True Strength – Ignite Talk

In this Ignite Talk (exactly 5 minutes long, with 20 slides which advance automatically every 15 seconds) I talk about how one size does not fit all, and how we need to stop peddling successes secrets and help people figure out their own True Strength.

Wellbeing – the power of perspective

There are many aspects to wellbeing, and many things that organisations can do to help employees. One component is helping people to think well, and I want to explore just one element of that – the power of perspective – and illustrate it through two personal experiences.

Dawn Smedley – True Strength

As part of my True Strength project, I’m featuring interviews that dig deep into how people succeed and I was delighted to interview Dawn Smedley of O.C. Tanner alongside her manager Ian Feaver. The interview has lots of insights into how we succeed, about strengths, weaknesses, mindset, resilience, and how to help people be their best.

Mental Health First Aid

Some reflections on attending the MHFA England Standard course, training in Mental Health First Aid.

HREvent15 – Staff engagement and wellbeing – is it core business?

My blog post on a session at #hrevent15 where Dame Carol Black (Expert adviser on Health & Work, Department of Health and Public Health) talked about the importance of wellbeing and what we can do to enable it.

We didn’t see it coming? Talking about wellbeing

One of the really simple, but powerful, things we can do to help people’s wellbeing and resilience is to make sure that they have a great support network, giving them the opportunity to have quality conversations about how they’re doing.

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