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Celebrate who you are (Dawn Smedley – True Strength)

Examining some of the themes from the True Strength interview with Dawn Smedley, starting with celebrating who we are: “Sometimes I should just look back and celebrate who I am fundamentally. We all should.”

Freewriting – Accidental Genius

Accidental Genius

The art of creating something new can be difficult. Mark Levy’s ‘Accidental Genius’ looks at the process of freewriting for overcoming this blockage and then looks at how freewriting can be a useful tool for many other applications.

Advanced #3GoodThings

3 Good Things

The habit of identifying 3 Good Things each day is a powerful habit from Positive Psychology and can be impactful. This post details a simple way to extend the habit into something that has much greater impact.

Positive Psychology in Application

Positive Psychology isn’t the same as Positive Thinking (where we try to look on the bright side of everything). I’ve noted some of my learnings from a recent workshop called ‘Positive Psychology in Action’.

How to stay resilient

Part 3 of a series on Personal Resilience looking at some simple strategies for making sure that you maintain your bounce-back-ability at all times.

The Strategic Latte

Every time I have a Strategic Latte, I come away inspired, refreshed, reminded about why I do what I do and the bigger impact I want to make , full of ideas, and with a plan to overcome any obstacles that have cropped up.

Why you shouldn’t follow advice

There is a lot of advice around and plenty of people offering it although it may not be the best place to look for answers.

3 ways to coach yourself

Coaching can be a powerful tool and this post examines 3 ways in which we can coach ourselves.

How I’m doing work that I love

I’m very fortunate in that I really love the work that I do and this blog post attempts to capture the most significant steps in me getting here, in the hope that it might help people who aren’t yet loving what they do.

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