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True Strength – Ignite Talk

In this Ignite Talk (exactly 5 minutes long, with 20 slides which advance automatically every 15 seconds) I talk about how one size does not fit all, and how we need to stop peddling successes secrets and help people figure out their own True Strength.

I’m feeling very appreciated for my strengths

Having just had a very special Birthday, made even more special by the lovely people I know, I just wanted to reflect on the celebration and the power of appreciation.

Celebrate who you are (Dawn Smedley – True Strength)

Examining some of the themes from the True Strength interview with Dawn Smedley, starting with celebrating who we are: “Sometimes I should just look back and celebrate who I am fundamentally. We all should.”

Be grateful – Real stories of gratitude in Britain

3 Good Things

This 30-minute documentary from The Jubilee Centre for Characters and Virtues is well worth watching, and contains a great mix of real stories of gratitude interspersed with an academic reflection on them. The stories are from across Britain and they do make the observation that we Brits can be be a bit awkward about gratitude.

Advanced #3GoodThings

3 Good Things

The habit of identifying 3 Good Things each day is a powerful habit from Positive Psychology and can be impactful. This post details a simple way to extend the habit into something that has much greater impact.

Positive Psychology in Application

Positive Psychology isn’t the same as Positive Thinking (where we try to look on the bright side of everything). I’ve noted some of my learnings from a recent workshop called ‘Positive Psychology in Action’.

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