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The truth can set you free

Feedback is key to improvement for both people and teams, but seems to be an elusive commodity at times. My model of compassionate truth helps to make sense of what needs to be said.

Compassionate Truth (not all feedback is created equal)

Some thoughts on feedback – on what is said (and goes unsaid) and why – with a focus on speaking compassionate truth.

Performance Management role-play

Performance Management is really important but no amount of process will make the right conversations happen. Managers need to be equipped to have great conversations with people. These role-plays present a scenario that managers need to be able to handle.

Performance Management is broken? OK, what do we do about it?

There are a myriad of articles, blog posts and research reports suggesting that performance management is broken. Something that is of vital importance to people and organisations is often done quite badly. There is a need to do something and to do it well but no amount of process will make it work well.

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