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Why playing to your strengths isn’t like competing in the decathlon or heptathlon

Helping people play to their strengths has been a major part of my work for over 10 years and – as a Gallup-certified strengths coach – I spend a lot of my time helping people work with their strengths (and their weaknesses!). In Learning & Development, strengths and weaknesses are

Ian Pettigrew’s PLN (Personal Learning Network)

Some thoughts about my Personal Learning Network (PLN)

Are you equipped to lead L&D into the future?

A session at the CIPD L&D Show 2015 by Laura Overton (Towards Maturity) @LauraOverton, Lisa Johnson (Barnardo’s) @TuppyMagic, chaired by Ruth Stuart (CIPD) @RStuartCIPD.

CIPD14 – Leaders in Learning – Ignite presentations

The CIDP14 event: Leaders in Learning: exploring new tools and skills in people development, starting with Ignite presentations from Andy Lancaster (CIPD), Niall Gavin (FirstGroup), Paul Taylor (NHS Employers), and Perry Timms (PTHR).

CIPD14 – Tailoring the learning experience – how people data can help

CIPD14 session from Aimee O’Malley and Steph Fastre of Google UK on their approach to learning, and how people data informs that approach.

CIPD14 – Overcoming barriers to effective leadership throughout the organisation

CIPD14 session on overcoming the barriers to effective leadership, with case studies from Alex Lewis (BAE Systems), Sarah James (Crime Reduction Initiatives), and Jamie Ryan (Millers Oils)

#CIPDNAP14 – Peter Cheese – New challenges and opportunities

The CIPD is changing. This is a live-blog of Peter Cheese’s keynote at the CIPD Northern Area Partnership in York, June 2014, where he talked about the future for HR and the CIPD.

#CIPDNAP14 – Gemma Reucroft – Social Media and the HR Professional

Social Media is changing everything. This is a live-blog of Gemma Reucroft’s opening keynote at the CIPD Northern Area Partnership in York, June 2014, where Gemma talks about how HR can embrace social media.

#cipdLDshow – Using neuroscience to enhance L&D effectiveness

Emerging discoveries in NeuroScience are helping to improve our approaches to Learning & Development, supporting much of what we already know to be best practice.

#cipdLDshow – Neuroscience – investigating the science of effective leadership & performance

An overview from Dr. Jacqui Grey (NeuroLeadership Institute) on how neuroscience is providing new insights into effective leadership and performance

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