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The truth can set you free

Feedback is key to improvement for both people and teams, but seems to be an elusive commodity at times. My model of compassionate truth helps to make sense of what needs to be said.

Many leaders are ‘ineffective’ at crucial people management skills (CIPD HR Outlook survey)

The latest CIPD HR Outlook survey highlights how people-related Leadership skills are much-needed and sorely lacking. In this blog post, I share my experiences of how we can change that.

Compassionate Truth (not all feedback is created equal)

Some thoughts on feedback – on what is said (and goes unsaid) and why – with a focus on speaking compassionate truth.

Dawn Smedley – True Strength

As part of my True Strength project, I’m featuring interviews that dig deep into how people succeed and I was delighted to interview Dawn Smedley of O.C. Tanner alongside her manager Ian Feaver. The interview has lots of insights into how we succeed, about strengths, weaknesses, mindset, resilience, and how to help people be their best.

Feedback would happen all the time if we spoke the truth with positive intent

Feedback would happen all the time if we spoke the truth with positive intent. My contribution to the #FeedbackCarnival

HRevent15 – How the Red Arrows develop a high performing team

My blog post on a session at #hrevent15 where Jas Hawker shared his experiences as Red Arrows team leader, looking at what we can learn from those experiences to develop really high performing teams.

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