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Many leaders are ‘ineffective’ at crucial people management skills (CIPD HR Outlook survey)

The latest CIPD HR Outlook survey highlights how people-related Leadership skills are much-needed and sorely lacking. In this blog post, I share my experiences of how we can change that.

#hrevent16 – Marshall Goldsmith

I’ve curated a storify of Marshall Goldsmith’s opening Keynote at The HR Directors Business Summit in Birmingham in February 2016. (You might need to click on ‘read next page’ at the bottom to see the full story). [View the story “#hrevent16 – Marshall Goldsmith” on Storify]

An interview with Ian Pettigrew on the Theme Addicts podcast

Ian Pettigrew appeared on the Theme Addicts podcast, talking about his own journey with strengths and sharing some of the ways in which he applies StrengthsFinder.

Enhancing business outcomes by developing coaching skills in Leaders

A session at the CIPD L&D Show 2015 by Sean Kent (Freebridge) @SeanMKent , David Young (BT), chaired by Gill White (CIPD) @gillwhite4

Embedding coaching skills into daily conversations to foster your talent

A session at the CIPD L&D Show 2015 by Claire Molin (Visa Europe) and Jane Saunders (BBC), chaired by Jonathan Hill (Catalyst PLD Ltd).

Dawn Smedley – True Strength

As part of my True Strength project, I’m featuring interviews that dig deep into how people succeed and I was delighted to interview Dawn Smedley of O.C. Tanner alongside her manager Ian Feaver. The interview has lots of insights into how we succeed, about strengths, weaknesses, mindset, resilience, and how to help people be their best.

True Strength? Only one person has your success secrets – you

How do you find success secrets? Well, you can’t as success depends on who you are and what you want. However, we can find inspiration in real stories of success and I’m working on a project – True Strength – to tell these stories.

Mediation in action – Marcia Mediation

My reflections on observing a mock mediation by Marcia Mediation, along with a guest blog post by them about the role of strengths in mediation.

Victim to Victor

How do we know if we have a victim in our midst during our coaching interactions? In fact, what do we really mean by the term ‘victim’? We are used to hearing this in connection to crime, but in coaching is this a little harsh? How many times do we witness our clients play the victim? When is it ok for clients to ‘offload’, and when does this border the fine line of not taking responsibility and ownership?

CIPD14 – Tailoring the learning experience – how people data can help

CIPD14 session from Aimee O’Malley and Steph Fastre of Google UK on their approach to learning, and how people data informs that approach.

Performance Management role-play

Performance Management is really important but no amount of process will make the right conversations happen. Managers need to be equipped to have great conversations with people. These role-plays present a scenario that managers need to be able to handle.

Helping leaders to flourish

Many organisations are struggling with a leadership skills crisis and yet aren’t doing the right things to help leaders flourish. We need to create the right culture and then support leaders in the right way, recognising that there is not ‘one size fits all’ model of leadership.

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