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#cipdnap15 – Overall conference summary

I had a great time at the CIPD Northern Area Partnership conference (19th & 20th June 2015 in York), and I didn’t want to lose any of the learning so I’ve curated some of the resources and blog posts into a storify of the event. (You will need to click

#cipdnap15 – Building and sustaining personal resilience

I spoke at the CIPD Northern Area Partnership in York on building and sustaining personal resilience, on how we are all different and that people will develop true strength in different ways. I was going to blog a bit of an overview of my session but when I looked at

#cipdnap15 – How HR can help prepare the next generation for work

Rachel Lloyd @_relloyd CIPD Rachel opened by looking at the state of youth unemployment 3 years ago (at its peak), with massive youth unemployment. Given that the CIPD is all about championing better work and working lives, helping young people start in employment is a very important factor. The Learning

#cipdnap15 – Mindfulness in the workplace: what is all the fuss about?

Sally Roberts, Mindfulness Instructor, Northern Centre for Mindfulness & Compassion What is mindfulness in the mainstream? There is significant evidence of the positive benefits of mindfulness and in the recent years, mindfulness is becoming very popular and has a broad reach world-wide. Most of us expertise improved health when we

#cipdnap15 – The serious business of happiness for increasing engagement and maintaining a healthy organisation

Some people bring happiness when they walk into a room, some people bring happiness when they leave. Choose which one you want to be.

#cipdnap15 – Pets, Pet People and Performance

Ryan Cheyne (former People Director, Pets at Home. Soon to join rental Ryan opened with a quick show-of-hands survey of how many of the audience are pet owners (it looks like more HR people own pets than the national average) and an overview of Pets at Home (along with

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