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HRevent15 – Guide Dogs – Extraordinary partnerships through extraordinary people

My blog post of a session at #hrevent15 where Steve Vaid and Jo Sullivan of Guide Dogs shared something of their change journey.

Change – is it worth it?

Despite an ever-increasing pace of change, we seem to be bad at delivering change and re-organisations often seem to focus on the things that aren’t broken, avoiding the fundamental problems. We need to get better at deciding what to change.

The opportunity of redundancy


A reflection on my own experiences of redundancy, and of how it opened up a world of opportunities.

Are you following the unclear path?

Reflections on a talk by Tara Hunt on what it takes to be an entrepreneur and face the unclear path.

Leading Change (Kotter) – Part 2

Change Programme Success

The ability to lead change is crucial, and this post looks at how to drive successful change according to Kotter’s ‘Leading Change’

Leading Change (Kotter) – Part 1

Change Programme Failure

The ability to lead change is crucial, and this post looks at why projects fail according to Kotter’s ‘Leading Change’

Poke the Box

You can’t optimise your way to surprising growth and many industries face extinction as a consequence of stifling innovation; Poke the Box is a manifesto from Seth Godin which examines what we need to do.

How to change things when change is hard

Not all that many change initiatives seems to succeed. “Switch: How to change things when change is hard” by Chip and Dan Heath looks at what is required to drive real change.

Linchpin – Are you Indispensable?

Seth Godin’s latest book – Linchpin – argues that our employment prospects are bleak unless we’re prepared to do something about it and be remarkable!

Is change the only constant?

Are reorganisations worth the effort and how can changing constantly help us to avoid constant change?

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