Retrak – No child forced to live on the streets

An overview of the work of Retrak, a charity I’m involved with who work with street children across Africa.

The Kingfisher Coaching Manifesto

I’m a big fan of having a Manifesto, of having something that makes it really clear what you’re here to do, and how you’re doing it. Inspired by the Holstee Manifesto, I’ve created the Kingfisher Coaching Manifesto.

Look where you’re going!

In dressage, I learned that looking where you want to go is hugely important and I believe that the same principle is important for people, teams, and organisations. Where you look, you go.

Positive Psychology in Application

Positive Psychology isn’t the same as Positive Thinking (where we try to look on the bright side of everything). I’ve noted some of my learnings from a recent workshop called ‘Positive Psychology in Action’.

How to stay resilient

Part 3 of a series on Personal Resilience looking at some simple strategies for making sure that you maintain your bounce-back-ability at all times.

What is resilience?

Part 2 of a series on Personal Resilience, looking at resilience in terms of ‘bounce-back-ability’ and some warning signs to watch out for.

Are you working too hard?

Part 1 of a series on Personal Resilience: How hard are you working? Is it right for you? Is it sustainable? If you’re consistently working 60 hours each week, you might be achieving less than if you worked 40 hours.

The opportunity of redundancy


A reflection on my own experiences of redundancy, and of how it opened up a world of opportunities.

The power of introverts

On Susan Cain’s book, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking

The Strategic Latte

Every time I have a Strategic Latte, I come away inspired, refreshed, reminded about why I do what I do and the bigger impact I want to make , full of ideas, and with a plan to overcome any obstacles that have cropped up.

Why you shouldn’t follow advice

There is a lot of advice around and plenty of people offering it although it may not be the best place to look for answers.

Why ‘Kingfisher’ Coaching?

This is the story of what inspired me to name my business ‘Kingfisher Coaching’

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