#CIPD13 – Creating cultural purpose and vision

One-sentence summary: A clear mission which articulates the impact you want to make on society provides a powerful unifying mission which helps to engage people in delivering to those you serve

#CIPD13 – Apprenticeships and strategies to empower young talent

One-sentence summary: Organisations desperately need young talent as much as young people desperately need jobs and it is possible to bridge that divide by collaborating for talent in the right way and it is a difference that is worth making

#CIPD13 – Developing Leadership Behaviours

One-sentence summary: Your enduring values need to be lived out, encouraged, and embedded in your core people processes to make them a reality, recognising that change can take time.

#CIPD13 – Creating the best workplace on earth

One sentence summary: HR, you need to get over yourselves and create an authentic workplace which allows people to be the best them, their authentic self because anything less won’t do.

#connectinghrMCR – more than a hashtag

Some reflections and the story of the 2nd #connectinghrMCR

Will it make the boat go faster?

“Will it make the boat go faster?” proved to be a powerful guiding question that guided the men’s coxed eight rowing team to an Olympic Gold Medal. This post looks at just how powerful that question can be to help us focus.

Freewriting – Accidental Genius

Accidental Genius

The art of creating something new can be difficult. Mark Levy’s ‘Accidental Genius’ looks at the process of freewriting for overcoming this blockage and then looks at how freewriting can be a useful tool for many other applications.

Advanced #3GoodThings

3 Good Things

The habit of identifying 3 Good Things each day is a powerful habit from Positive Psychology and can be impactful. This post details a simple way to extend the habit into something that has much greater impact.

When to do what you’re worst at

The benefits of doing what you’re best at and playing to your strengths are significant. There are, however, some situations in which I believe it is OK to play to your weaknesses and this blog posts looks at those situations and how you might cope with them.

Do what you’re best at

Exploring the statement in The Kingfisher Coaching Manifesto; ‘Each and every day, do what you’re best at. Play to your strengths and value other people for theirs. Everyone shines given the right lighting.’ and asking whether you’re doing what you’re best at.

Radical Innovation that counts

A video (and some thoughts) on a recent Talks@Google on “Embracing Life: Saving Babies through Design Thinking”, looking at how design thinking (an innovation process) can be used to do something about seemingly insurmountable problems.

When potential comes to fruition

So many people don’t realise their potential and this post is part of the UK HR Blog Carnival where a number of bloggers are exploring the theme of ‘When potential comes to fruition’

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