Diversity: Valuing people for what they are

There is a real lack of diversity in many organisations, which is a serious issue. We need to take action to fix the root cause of this, not just the symptoms.

CIPD14 – All the blogs in one place

There was some great blogging, tweeting, storifying, and illustrating at CIPD14 and I’ve attempted to capture some of them in one place.

CIPD14 – Leaders in Learning – Ignite presentations

The CIDP14 event: Leaders in Learning: exploring new tools and skills in people development, starting with Ignite presentations from Andy Lancaster (CIPD), Niall Gavin (FirstGroup), Paul Taylor (NHS Employers), and Perry Timms (PTHR).

CIPD14 – Tailoring the learning experience – how people data can help

CIPD14 session from Aimee O’Malley and Steph Fastre of Google UK on their approach to learning, and how people data informs that approach.

CIPD14 – Overcoming barriers to effective leadership throughout the organisation

CIPD14 session on overcoming the barriers to effective leadership, with case studies from Alex Lewis (BAE Systems), Sarah James (Crime Reduction Initiatives), and Jamie Ryan (Millers Oils)

CIPD14 – Learning to work: Mentoring young people to build the future talent pipeline

CIPD14 – Katerina Rudiger (CIPD), Claire Maydew (M&S/Movement to Work), and Mike Thompson (Barclays) on some key initiatives to help young people to find employment.

CIPD14 – Maintaining drive and enthusiasm during change and innovation in SMEs

CIPD14 – Jill Miller (CIPD), Jane Middlemiss (ILG), Keith Jackson (JRI Orthopaedics) on Maintaining drive and enthusiasm during change and innovation in SMEs

CIPD14 – Advancing the profession – how Civil Service HR is a role model for change

CIPD14 – Chris Last (Civil Service HR UK) on ‘Advancing the profession – how Civil Service HR is a role model for change’. Summary; focus on people and their professional advancement, drive continuous improvement, and work hard to develop the relationship with the business.

CIPD14 – Are we all entrepreneurs now? Rita Gunther McGrath

Live blog of the opening keynote at CIPD14 – Are we all entrepreneurs now? People strategies for the five-minute competitive advantage – Rita Gunther McGrath

Performance Management role-play

Performance Management is really important but no amount of process will make the right conversations happen. Managers need to be equipped to have great conversations with people. These role-plays present a scenario that managers need to be able to handle.

Performance Management is broken? OK, what do we do about it?

There are a myriad of articles, blog posts and research reports suggesting that performance management is broken. Something that is of vital importance to people and organisations is often done quite badly. There is a need to do something and to do it well but no amount of process will make it work well.

#CIPDNAP14 – Peter Cheese – New challenges and opportunities

The CIPD is changing. This is a live-blog of Peter Cheese’s keynote at the CIPD Northern Area Partnership in York, June 2014, where he talked about the future for HR and the CIPD.

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