#CIPDNAP14 – Toby Peyton-Jones – The Future of Work

Everything is changing. This is a live-blog of Toby Peyton-Jones’ talk at the CIPD Northern Area Partnership in York, June 2014.

#CIPDNAP14 – Gemma Reucroft – Social Media and the HR Professional

Social Media is changing everything. This is a live-blog of Gemma Reucroft’s opening keynote at the CIPD Northern Area Partnership in York, June 2014, where Gemma talks about how HR can embrace social media.

We didn’t see it coming? Talking about wellbeing

One of the really simple, but powerful, things we can do to help people’s wellbeing and resilience is to make sure that they have a great support network, giving them the opportunity to have quality conversations about how they’re doing.

#cipdLDshow – Using neuroscience to enhance L&D effectiveness

Emerging discoveries in NeuroScience are helping to improve our approaches to Learning & Development, supporting much of what we already know to be best practice.

#cipdLDshow – Investigating the barriers to effective leadership

Case studies from DWP and BT on what they’re doing to improve leadership effectiveness.

#cipdLDshow – Developing resilient yet agile leaders for your organisation

Case studies from Thames Valley Police, BDO, and the life of Ernest Shackleton on resilient and agile leadership.

#cipdLDshow – Neuroscience – investigating the science of effective leadership & performance

An overview from Dr. Jacqui Grey (NeuroLeadership Institute) on how neuroscience is providing new insights into effective leadership and performance

#cipdLDshow – Linking development with employee engagement initiatives

Case studies from General Mills and Alcoa on how to link L&D with employee engagement.

#cipdLDshow – Creating a new generation of trustworthy leaders

CIPD research on creating trustworthy leaders, with a supporting case study from Unilever.

Cloud Busting (by Bev Holden)

Some of our thinking is helpful to us; some of our thinking can be destructive. Every thought comes pre-loaded with a feeling. What if we treated thoughts as if they were clouds?

Change – is it worth it?

Despite an ever-increasing pace of change, we seem to be bad at delivering change and re-organisations often seem to focus on the things that aren’t broken, avoiding the fundamental problems. We need to get better at deciding what to change.

Helping leaders to flourish

Many organisations are struggling with a leadership skills crisis and yet aren’t doing the right things to help leaders flourish. We need to create the right culture and then support leaders in the right way, recognising that there is not ‘one size fits all’ model of leadership.

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