#CIPDNAP16 – Opening Keynote – Stress & Wellbeing

Professor Sir Cary Cooper CBE (Manchester Business School) opened the conference by looking at how much absenteeism and presenteeism costs the UK economy (with presenteeism costing about double what absenteeism costs). During the recession, everything worsened (incident of illness increased and engagement decreased, and hours of work increased). 10% of

#cipdLDshow – Align L&D to your business strategy

Dominique Borg (Arup), Peter Sheppard (Ericsson), chaired by Laura Overton (Towards Maturity).     Arup have, in the last 3 years, totally transformed the way they do learning. Through the formation of Arup University, they’ve combined a number of fragmented areas such as L&D and Information Management into one combined