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#CIPD13 – Leadership and the new principles of influence

One-sentence summary: We are all in sales and the way to succeed in sales is surprising and not intuitive.

#CIPD13 – Developing trustworthy leaders for greater business performance

One-sentence summary: Trust is an essential, foundational component of team and organisational success and can be built or destroyed by leadership.

#CIPD13 – Valuing your talent

One-sentence summary: It is not easy to measure ‘Human Capital’ but people are our greatest asset so we have to do something and the Valuing your Talent initiative seeks to do something about this.

#CIPD13 – The end of competitive advantage

One-sentence summary: HR has an opportunity to step up and help create new ways of working which aren’t just essential for the survival of HR, but are essential for the survival of organisations.

What I want from #CIPD14

I’m loving #CIPD13 and I’m already looking forward to #CIPD14 and hoping that we can raise the bar even further.

#CIPD13 – Developing internal entrepreneurs to innovate within your organisation

One-sentence summary: An entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial mindset is messy, risky, disruptive, and mahoosively powerful.

#CIPD13 – Increasing the impact of management development programmes

One-sentence summary: Be creative and design a leadership development programme that gives you exactly what you want and need.

#CIPD13 – Creating cultural purpose and vision

One-sentence summary: A clear mission which articulates the impact you want to make on society provides a powerful unifying mission which helps to engage people in delivering to those you serve

#CIPD13 – Apprenticeships and strategies to empower young talent

One-sentence summary: Organisations desperately need young talent as much as young people desperately need jobs and it is possible to bridge that divide by collaborating for talent in the right way and it is a difference that is worth making

#CIPD13 – Developing Leadership Behaviours

One-sentence summary: Your enduring values need to be lived out, encouraged, and embedded in your core people processes to make them a reality, recognising that change can take time.

#CIPD13 – Creating the best workplace on earth

One sentence summary: HR, you need to get over yourselves and create an authentic workplace which allows people to be the best them, their authentic self because anything less won’t do.

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