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#cipdLDshow – Supporting social and collaborative learning in the workplace

Jane Hart (C4LPT), chaired by Gill White (CIPD)     Jane talked about how we need a different organisational culture to view learning not as just training courses, but to think much more widely. Successful social learning takes place where there is motivation (people want to learn with and from

#cipdLDshow – The secret to learning design

Nick Shackleton-Jones (PA Consulting), chaired by David D’Souza (CIPD)     Nick opened up with a very interactive exercise, with some synchronised banana munching. It certainly makes a big change from loads of detailed powerpoint slides! The point? It is something that we will remember for a long time, and

#cipdLDshow – Align L&D to your business strategy

Dominique Borg (Arup), Peter Sheppard (Ericsson), chaired by Laura Overton (Towards Maturity).     Arup have, in the last 3 years, totally transformed the way they do learning. Through the formation of Arup University, they’ve combined a number of fragmented areas such as L&D and Information Management into one combined

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