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#cipdLDshow – Building Trust in Leadership

Professor Veronica Hope Hailey (university of Bath):   If you have high levels of trust in an organisation, then you are much more likely to have people engaged in change and happy to operate in conditions of uncertainty. Examples: VW and Philip Green – an incident can erode trust in an

#cipdLDshow – Learning and the future of the professions

Daniel Susskind – @danielsusskind – co-Author of ‘The future of the professions’   Futures Daniel Susskind co-authored ’The future of the professions’ which interviewed 100 people across 8 professions to try to make sense of the future of work. They identified two possible futures: a more productive version of what

#cipdLDshow – How to enable networked and reciprocal learning at work

Professor Chris Oswick & Dr Santi Furnari (City University London)   There are three fundamental networking styles: Takers (very transaction and only help others when it meets their own needs) Givers (see first the benefits to others) Matchers (who balance both giving and taking) Givers can be both the highest

#cipdLDshow – Moving from appraisals to coaching and continuous feedback

Chris Britton & Francine Larkin (both L&D Managers, River Island): Francine starts by polling the room to get an idea of where people are up to with their approaches to performance appraisals. It looks like 95% of people are still using ‘traditional’ approaches, 5% have done something different, and around

Global Recognition and Engagement

A session by Jeff Birk (O.C. Tanner) – @jtbirk @octanner – about recognition, appreciation, and engagement.

Never learn alone – Sir Clive Woodward

Never Learn Alone – Curated tweets by KingfisherCoach

Retrak #connectinghrAfrica at #hrdsummit17

ConnectingHRAfrica – Curated tweets by KingfisherCoach

Turnaround – Pizza Hut Restaurants UK – Jens Hofma

Your Biz Is Your People – Curated tweets by KingfisherCoach

Building Intelligent Organisations – Lynda Gratton & Tammy Erickson

Lynda Gratton & Tammy Erickson (Thinkers50) @lyndagratton @tammyerickson Lynda Gratton opened by talking about visiting the Masia in Tanzania with her son, and the experience of seeing a Masia Warrior answering his mobile phone; a moment of realisation that the world has changed forever. Technology is impacting in so many

#cipdnap16 – Curated Learning – Conference Summary

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#cipdnap16 – Principles of good people management practice and workplace health and well-being

Jill Miller (CIPD) talked about the challenge of the world of the future, with an ageing workforce (with four generations working side-by-side), with many people with increasing caring responsibilities (for both children and elderly relatives), with changing workplace, and increasing availability of technology. CIPD are looking at what kind of

#CIPDNAP16 – Appreciation changes everything

Dawn Smedley (O.C. Tanner) opened by telling us how much appreciation matters. When we tell people what they do, it elevates everything (engagement, great work, culture, results, innovation, talent). We watched a video exploring what might happen if we stopped telling our loved ones that we love them and replace

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